Some Tinder loser I fell in love with.

I met this guy during the month of October last year (2015). I feel ridiculous saying this, but he kind of changed my life. It’s such a confusing feeling, but I think I fell in love with him. I wanted him to stay around for a longer period of time. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you wish them to.

Here’s what happened;

How we met: Tinder. It is known as the app to find hooks up around your area. I was on this app for a while; just for fun, just to see what could happen. I swiped right on his profile, and not because he was a hot guy. He seemed interesting, I guess. His about me said something like “trying to find someone to smoke weed and go to concerts with”. He was the first guy I ever messaged first on the app, and I said “I’m also trying to find someone to smoke weed and go to concerts with”. So we messaged on there for a while and interchanged some of the music we listened to. It was a cool. Then, he asked for my number and we texted. I thought he was kind of annoying in the beginning, but he would be showing me some good music, telling me to listen to this certain song and if I liked it. I always said I liked it. We planned on going to concerts together. Jack Beats was the first we planned on going to. I had not really heard his music, and I pretend like I had, but it really was cool. I love music and I really liked that he did also, he was introducing me to new artists. Before this concert we decided to meet in person, so it wouldn’t be too awkward.

I remember we met the day right before Halloween, so October 30th. We planned on going out to a club or a party. What the cool kids do. I am usually very uncomfortable at these types of settings. So, I was going to cancel. He said we could go out to dinner instead, so I accepted. I came through. He picked me up at my apartment. I never met this guy in person before, we’ve only been texting for a while, and I give him my home address? He could’ve been a rapist! But, obviously not. I was down for it. Anyway, he took me to this barbecue restaurant, which turned into a nightclub during the night. I don’t think either of us was expecting this, but we entered. We took a couple of Patron shots, drank some Coronas. We talked outside for a while, and I was being shy. He thought I was cute, but I kept covering my face because I pretend to be shy and not like the attention. He called me by the name of Jasmine, and I just looked at him like “really dude?” He knew he fucked up, but I was feeling super drunk anyway, so fuck it. We then got on the dance floor, and we danced. I was definitely letting loose that night. It was fun. I was grinding on him, probably like a fucking freak. I don’t know, I was pretty fucking drunk. We almost kissed on the dance floor. I can still kind of remember the look on his face, like “woah” surprised face. We did kiss that night though, when we went back outside. We sat in this unoccupied, but reserved VIP area with white couches. I made out with him like crazy, I was on top of him and everything. I think I had him pushed up against the wall for a while too. Anyway, he then said “Want to get out of here?” Yeah, you know what that means. He drove us to his apartment, driving so recklessly. We had drunk sex that night. I remember it being pretty fucking great. I also sucked his dick when he had a condom on. How fucking weird is that? Funny. He licked my pussy, and was kissing me around my inner thighs. Pretty fucking great. I had bruises there the next morning. Oh the next morning… He had to go to work. He literally got up, put on his uniform shirt, and he was like “I have to go, I called an Uber for you” and fucking left me there in his apartment on his bed. I was like, “What the fuck?!” He left without looking in the mirror or brushing his teeth. I thought he must be a fucking loser. Anyway, I took an Uber home that morning. I also had to work, but I wasn’t late or anything. I thought I was never going to speak to this loser again.

I will continue this story some other time, or I’ll feel like I’m writing a whole fucking book.


I’m a cool cat.

A little about me; I am a female in her early twenties that no other soul really acknowledges. In a slight seriousness, I am attempting to find a way to define my complicated as fuck self. Perhaps writing my random ass contemplations on a blog will help in a certain way. This will be for my own future reference, but refer to it if wanted for some odd reason.